About Zen

I’m Angel, a Licensed Mental health therapist and CEO of Zen Essentials Wellness Collection LLC. My story dates back to early 2019 when I was struggling to maintain self-care. I was often on the verge of burnout when I committed to being intentional about my self-care. After months of maintaining my self-care routine, I noticed a change in mood and attitude.

I was inspired to start Zen Essentials and help others improve their self-care by stimulating the senses. What better way to stimulate our sense of smell than candles?  Our brand represents resiliency and encourages our customers to reinvent themselves by committing to improving their self-care and wellness. We offer a collection of scented candles and wax melts to add to your space while practicing self-care.

Our products are unique, in which we blend phthalate-free fragrances with essential oils. Zen Essentials is here to satisfy your self-care needs. Follow us on social media for weekly wellness tips, updates and announcements.