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Wellness Box

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Need a self-care break? Light your favorite scent and or turn on your wax burner and relax. Our wellness box and therapeutic scents allows you to cater to your self-care needs and create a rejuvenating experience.

Perfect for gift giving, as it comes in a gift box! 

Wellness Box features:

-Your choice of two 8oz all-natural soy candles 

-Your choice of a wax melt

-Wellness tips

-Custom message, include a brief message in cart notes.

Fall in Love: Love at first sniff! Literally, one sniff of sultry notes of Cashmere, Plum and Vanilla will make you FALL in love.

Tranquility: Need a moment to escape to a still, quiet, tranquil place? Burn Tranquility with clean notes of Fresh Linen, aromatic earthy and woodsy notes of Hemp and Shea to keep you grounded and in the present moment. This candle is not infused with CBD oil.

Wine Down: After a long day, unwind and release tension and stress with bright notes of Chardonnay with a sweet side of Pear topped with warm Vanilla. 

Detox: Cleanse yourself of negativity by filling you space with an all essential oil candle. Awakening notes of Peppermint, sweet Lemongrass, and subtle Eucalyptus will create a space for relaxation and stress relief.